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Become an Agent of Spanish School


Our brand is not just an academic stopover in people’s lives, it’s a life changing experience that starts even before students arrive. That is why we are looking for the best Agents in the world.

What does OCTAVIO Escuela Mexicana de Español offer its agents?
  • High quality standards, the word that describes it better is – Integrity -.
  • Professional and efficient communication with our Arrivals Coordinator and support from our friendly staff.
  • All student’s inquiries from your city (or geographical area depending on our agreement) will be directed to you instead of them making their reservations directly with us.
  • A competitive progressive commission.
  • Updated information every two months, with our current statistics and relevant information for your prospects and you.
What can OCTAVIO offer your students?
  • Five Safe convenient locations in the South east of Mexico.
  • Three cities to choose from, while giving academic continuity to our students.
  • High-Quality teaching in top facilities.
  • Spanish classes with a Latino perspective, which is used by almost 85% of all Spanish speakers in the world.
  • Different types of accommodation within a 20 minutes walk from the school.
  • 24 hour emergency line assisted by our Arrivals Coordinator.
Become an Agent in 3 simple steps.
  1. Email our marketing department on info@octavio.lat and complete the form we will provide you.
  2. We will then send you the Agreement which you must sign and return to us.
  3. On completion, we will send you a certificate of partnership that you can print and display in your office/agency and a marketing kit that includes our yearly brochure and some marketing materials to help you.
What is required of an agent?
  • To take a webinar session where you will go over any doubts you may have.
  • To accurately inform your students about Octavio´s courses and services.
  • To Keep the school informed of any changes in your student’s travel arrangements.