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Learn Mexican Spanish: hilarious Mexican expressions

Knowing the meaning of each word in Spanish will take you a long way when you speak out loud. However, it’s a little problematic when words have several meanings.

Sometimes they’re in the dictionary; and other times, locals give it a new one. And, oh boy, it’s an entertaining trip to learn Mexican Spanish.

When native speakers use slang, it won’t make any sense in your head. I’ve been there: it’s a disaster waiting to happen. And yet it’s outrageously fun to discover. Either you learn fast how to use them or avoid them.

If you’re visiting Mexico or studying Spanish there, you’ll listen to these phrases all the time. Eventually, they will become a part of the way you speak too. You’ll sound like a native Spanish speaker once you start using them.

Quick warning. For the most part, the use of these phrases has nothing to do with what you know the words mean and what the dictionary states to be the rule. Even though there are some that are somewhat understandable through a literal translation, do not trust it unless you’re told you got it right.

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Ready? Let’s go have a laugh and avoid making a fool of yourself when talking to native speakers from Mexico. Here are some hilarious Mexican expressions that are used on a daily basis.


You can amaze Mexicans by using these colloquial phrases even if you’re a Spanish beginner. There are a lot more waiting for you to discover them in Mexico!

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