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Quick guide to choose a Spanish immersion program for adults

As Spanish immersion programs have become the best way to learn Spanish, a lot of study abroad schools have emerged. Most have slight differences between their courses and educational offer.

In order to not overthink what you should pick and how, here’s a quick guide to choose a Spanish immersion program for adults.

1 Compare the different types of programs

A Spanish school always has more than one course to offer. They’re constructed with different goals in mind. Therefore, it’s important to know what you want to get out of the Spanish immersion experience. If you have a clear goal too, like becoming fluent or crossing the beginner threshold while familiarizing yourself with the culture, then it’s easy to find your perfect course.

All you need to do is look through the Spanish immersion programs calmly. How many weeks will it be? What is the methodology offered? How many lessons per day you’ll have? Is there a clear objective? Keep an eye open, for some Spanish schools make it possible for you to build your own course!

2 Read about benefits, extra activities, and pricing


Now that you have a Spanish immersion program that is appealing to you, see what the school gives you besides Spanish classes. The opportunity to study Spanish abroad is more than just learning a second language.

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You could come upon, for example, that the school gives you a level certificate at the end of your course or that they also have side-courses to make your Spanish learning fuller. Once you find out all that is possible for you to gain from the Spanish school, then you’ll know if it’s worth the price they appoint.

3 Research the city and the Spanish school

Although it’s interesting to discover on the road the intricacies of what makes a place beautiful and amazing, knowing a little beforehand never hurts. There are two main things you must know before jumping into your Spanish classes.

First, it’s good to read on how safe is the city you’ll be living in. You can look up Peace Indexes of a specific country, such as this report on Mexico’s safest states. If it’s too long to read, then focus on the states colored in green. Also, you can hear the latest news and learn what’s happening over there.

Additionally, is just as important to have an insight of what you can do there and what others have experienced. This website is dedicated to that. In it, you can find reviews on hotels and restaurants, comments about the best places to hang out, and overall inform yourself.

Of course, just as you’ve come to know about the city, the same should be done about the Spanish school you’re considering. By seeing what other students have liked or disliked through reviews and testimonials, you make sure that school and that Spanish immersion program are your best choices.

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4 See about your possible accommodations


Most Spanish schools have the classic option of housing with local families. It’s part of what makes a Spanish immersion program the best option to learn Spanish. You live, study, and breathe Spanish to make your skills blossom. However, there are schools that have other accommodations available, such as student residencies or even find you a place of your own to stay. Pick what’s most comfortable for you!

5 Clear up all of your doubts with the Spanish school

Not everything is put on the website. If you have a question about the Spanish immersion program, the prices, or even the tiniest thing you can think of, ask. Spanish schools have educational agents trained to help you! They can answer anything you throw their way.

Most importantly, don’t let any doubt deter you from having an incredible experience.

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