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Spanish immersion school in Mexico: the safest place to study

The first thing that went through my head when I heard that to study Spanish in Mexico is the best way to learn the language was “really, Mexico?” We’ve all heard the news and are up to date with what happens in the country. And yet, my Spanish immersion in Mexico was unbelievable.

Not all the country’s states have crime and violence issues; and those that do, people tread with care in each step but live okay nonetheless. However, there are cities that seem untouched by these things and make you feel like you’re in a safe haven. Of course, you don’t go around walking in dark alleys to tempt fate.

If you take a look at these peace report of Mexico, you’ll see a colored image of the country. It’s easy to figure out that green means peaceful and good, while red is bad and back off. Whether you check it over or not, there are far more green states than red ones. And the greener a state is, the better and safer.


Based on this report, I chose to study Spanish in the south of Mexico. I went on to investigate which southern city had a Spanish school with the best reviews and offered me the most out of my trip in a safe environment. I wanted to learn Spanish fast, have fun and go back home in one piece with new skills.

Merida and Campeche turned up in my search several times, as well as various options for Spanish immersion schools. Obviously, I looked up the immersion technique: to live in a country where you hear most of the time Spanish, or whatever language you want to learn, improves outstandingly your skills. It was the method that suited me the best.

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Then, I found Octavio, a Spanish school stationed both in Merida, Campeche, and Playa del Carmen. Each of these cities has a special combo of its own to offer. Campeche has an old history of pirates and an easy way of life. Mérida is the best combination of sight-seeing, adventure, and peaceful streets. And Playa del Carmen is a city for full-fledged party beach lovers.


Additionally, Merida and Campeche are the capital of two of the safest states in Mexico: Yucatan and Campeche. I ended up choosing to study Spanish in Merida because I wanted to safely do a little bit of everything, even partying hard. Still, I got to visit Campeche as well on a weekend and sink into its peaceful historic buildings and sea breeze.

By going to Merida with Octavio, my Spanish immersion in Mexico turned out to be the safest place to study and learn. My host family and teachers pointed me on the right path for Spanish self-improvement and safe, fun activities. I got to see amazing views, stroll on the beach shore, and chat up in Spanish with the locals!

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Studying Spanish was never so fun or easy for me. What you see and hear every second spent outside becomes part of your knowledge. Moreover, because you’ll be in a safe city, your brain is relaxed enough to learn even more.

For example, the police in Merida take their work seriously, they patrol the streets frequently, as well as strategic places to reduce alcohol-induced related accidents. They’re also very kind to help you in any situation and even keep you company if you need or want it.

If you, like me, are looking for the best of the best and nurture your language skills in a safe place, then a Spanish immersion program in Mexico is your best option too! There you can learn Spanish faster or at your own pace. And, whether you intend to or not, you’ll have the time of your life safe and sound.

Let your Spanish grow while you make amazingly fun memories with a Spanish immersion school in Mexico. It’s a win-win scenario for yourself. A safe trip, fun time plus a new language to acquire? Sign me up anytime!

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