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Why is Octavio your best option to learn Spanish?

Are you looking for a school to learn Spanish and you like to travel? Let me tell you that Octavio is your best option to learn Spanish and live the most amazing experiences of your life. This is your opportunity to learn Spanish with Spanish speakers.

First, let’s talk about Octavio



Which is the best way to learn Spanish? It surely has to be living in a Spanish speaking city where you can practice all the time by having conversations with native people, right?

Well, that’s what Octavio offers you through our courses which will allow you learn Spanish in Mexico.

Let me tell you more about us. We’re Interlingua Ⓡ ’s southeast sister school, an English school with over 40 years of experience that works with us to offer you the best program to learn Spanish.

We’re very proud of Mexican culture. That’s why since our foundation we’ve been interested in showing its charms by offering Spanish courses in one of the most beautiful places in Mexico: the Yucatan Peninsula.



All our programs are focused on improving your level and fluency on the language by using all the skills that are taught in class. These skills will help you to communicate with native people on daily basis circumstances.

You just have to choose the course that fits your interests, goals and schedule. Here you have our courses:

  • Intensive programs

You can choose between a 24 hours course per week with 4 classes a day or a 30 hours course per week with 5 classes a day. Both will allow you to achieve your goals on fluency and comprehension of the language on a short amount of time.

We also have personalized programs:

  • One on One

This is perfect for you if you want to have more specific classes because it gives you the freedom to decide -with a tutor- the topics you may need to improve on.

Plus, you can organize your classes depending on your availability.

  • Private Group

If you want to learn Spanish with family and friends, this program gives you the opportunity to make up your own class. This program mixes the best of the intensive programs and the one on one program.

  • Spanish for 50+

There is no age to stop learning. You don’t have to feel under pressure when you learn a new language, it doesn’t work like that. Take it easy and enjoy the journey and the experience by studying just 16 hours a week in a relaxing environment.

Qualified professors



We want you to know that, it doesn’t matter which of our courses you choose, you’ll always have well-trained professors and plenty of tools that you’ll need to learn and develop all the Spanish language skills.

You can also be sure that you will always be paid attention because we have small groups to make sure that your learning process and its development are based on the three main pillars that Octavio has: Learn, Comprehend and Apply.

Great locations



We believe that the best way to learn is getting unforgettable experiences, that’s why we offer you three wonderful cities to take your Spanish course, so you can choose between Merida, Campeche or Playa del Carmen.

The best part? You can also choose them three to get a better learning experience by meeting people from different places. Everybody has something interesting to share with you.

I swear that you’re going to be surprised and delighted with these beautiful places, in fact, they are the most visited of all the country because they have clean beaches, too many cenotes, a lot of nightclubs and the best food that you’ll taste in entire life.

Speaking to native people


Octavio is a school in Spanish. What do we mean with that? Well, it offers you the opportunity get a deeper understanding of Mexican culture, because you’ll be living with native people on a stereotype-free environment. Here you’ll have a real approach to the daily Mexican lifestyle.

Do you know how we can ensure you that? During your course you are going to live in one of our three comfortable staying choices:

  • Host family
  • Student Residence
  • Apartment

When you look for Spanish language schools in Mexico; just remember that Octavio has the best programs to learn this important language, while you get to know more about this interesting culture. Do you know a best option to speak this language?

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