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In OCTAVIO Mexican Spanish school, you will learn the most popular way of Spanish: the Latin Spanish. You will experience the culture from three beautiful Mexican cities along with classmates from all over the world.
In OCTAVIO we have a variety of courses, our prices Will depend on the kind of course and program you may want to take.
Yes! Material is included in every single program.
You can find our Cancelation Policy at the page ### on our free brochure.
Payments can be made any business day of the week; however, there might be some specific days to enroll depending on the kind of course and program you may want to take.
Medical Insurance is paid previously to your arrival and it’s totally aside from your tuition.
When you arrive, you’ll have to go to your school to make a brief evaluation to determine your Spanish Level, so we can offer you the right class.
All our professors are Mexican; therefore, their native language is Spanish.
Programs at Octavio are aimed towards different audiences; however, you can take our classes from age 16 and up.
Octavio offers some Accommodation options which are not mandatory. You can always book your stay on your own.
We offer 4 kinds of accommodation: - Host Family. - Private Apartment. - Shared Apartment. - Students Residence.
Sure! AirBnb is available in our three cities. You can book your accommodation via this application if you wish.
You may wear what’s most comfortable for you. We suggest you avoid revealing clothing.
In Mexico, smoking is prohibited inside academic institutions.
All our cities are known for their touristic attractions, so you’ll always have a place to explore near you.
Not exactly. Due to distances in between cities, the Peninsula Program can only start in Campeche or Playa del Carmen.
We wouldn’t be able to tell you which city is the best. Each one of them has activities, places, people and their very own culture that make them very unique. Deciding what city is the best, is a task that Will be up to you to find out.