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Sharing Mexico and the Spanish Language is our passion.We apreciate the concern of Universities from all over the world that might be interested in setting a Collaboration Agreement that allows their students to take Spanish classes in the South east of Mexico and therefore acquire university credits.

Running five schools allows us to assist groups of students most schools can't assist; we even develop experiences that will let scholars to touch and feel the real Mexico.

Our Collaboration Agreements are adaptable to Universities requests, these may go from the amount of hours per program needed to obtain university credits to helping the university arrange the logistic of travelling; this enable Universities to find the perfect partner in Mexico.

Our programs are suitable to most universities budgets;offering Intensive Spanish classes exclusively as well as meaningful experiences that may go beyond just an academic trip.

Octavio Escuela Mexicana de Español, has no limits when it comes to teaching, that's why our Programs may include some internships that are given in addition to the ones given in the class rooms, such as:

- Education,teach English as a second language to local students.

- Medicine,experience the ability to interact with local doctors.

- Arts,our country is filled with incredible and talented artists that love to share their skills.

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